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At our core, we are an unconventional innovator, driven by a passion for solving complex challenges. Our ability to think creatively and see unique solutions has helped our clients find their dream homes or sell properties quickly and profitably. While we haven't always been real estate agents, we've always been up for an adventure. We've lived in some of the most beautiful areas of the US, including New York, Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado, and Florida. Our travels have taken us across the globe, allowing us to gain a unique perspective on what makes a home special. Our passion for real estate was ignited during our earlier years as owners and general contractors. We understand the process of building and renovating homes, which helps us guide our clients towards their perfect homes.


With over 26 moves throughout our lives, we've also become experts in home staging. We leverage our extensive network of local contractors and suppliers to ensure that our clients' homes are updated and presented in the best possible light. This has been one of our key assets in helping homes sell faster and at a higher price. As certified real estate trusted advisors with deep knowledge of local markets and trends, we offer a complete and unique solution for both buyers and sellers. Our experience owning a general contracting company gives us a unique advantage, allowing us to connect our clients with the best contractors and suppliers in the area. Whether our clients need help with buying, selling, or renovating a property, we are here to help. Ultimately, we believe that having a partner who can help you solve any real estate challenge is crucial. We are proud to be unique in our industry, and we look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals.

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